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Survival Spanish for Travelers.

Learn Spanish to discover South America.

Spanish Course Description

Ecuador is strategically located in the northern part of south America , considering  Quito is well known as the  best  place to study Spanish in Latin America because the accent of the language is soft, clear and very easy to understand  many travelers abroad have decided to learn Spanish in Quito before starting their journey in South America.

Speaking Spanish, at least on a basic level, will make traveling in  Ecuador and other Spanish-speaking countries so much more enjoyable! This course will make you feel confident while expressing your needs during your trips and is an opportunity to get to understand better the Latin American culture and way of living.

Terracentro has developed a useful and friendly program for travelers that want to spend just a couple of days or weeks in Quito and need to learn the language as means for trips.

Video about the Spanish for traveller course

The Spanish for travel course is the most common course in the Terracentro Spanish School. That’s because Terracnetro has many students coming to South America to learn Spanish before travelling. So basically they come to Ecuador and study Spanish for 20 hours per week –sometimes more in an extensive course.

That course is very easy because the students learn the basics in Spanish, for example vocabulary for survival and vocabulary for trips. It is very important because they get to know the basics for their trip but they also learn to communicate with the people in Ecuador (and other countries of Latin America) and to make friends while they travel.


Greeting people: Common greeting and farewells in Spanish language.

Commonly phrases used in Spanish

Asking and saying names: Common phrases to ask name and family name in Spanish.

Important verbs for the travel

Asking the time: Spanish phrases for asking the time

Asking directions: Spanish phrases for asking directions.

At the hotel , the Travel Agency, the Airport : Spanish phrases useful for trips

How to shop in Latin America

Vocabulary for transportation , emergencies


-Flashcards, games to memorize words, phrases and verbs.

– Al exercises use real information about Ecuador and Latinamerica with interesting lecture about the best destinations in Ecuador and latinamerica.

– Local visits to touristic sites in Quito to practice Spanish with locals .

-Practice with your teacher in realistic conversations situations related to trips.

la uña

Duration of the course :

-20 hours per week ( 4 hours per day)* you choose the number of weeks

-30 hours per week ( 6 hours per day) * you choose the number of weeks

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  1. Michael Collins
    abril 14, 2014 at 8:43 pm · Responder

    Buenos tardes:

    Mi esposa y yo tenamos una casa en Quito. Mi esposa es Ecuadoriana. Se un pequito espanol pero no hablo con fluencia. Quiero aprender hablar y comprendar espanol mejor. Viejo a Ecuador con frequecia (todo años en el verano). Please contact me so that we can discuss working together on my Spanish. I would like to do some Skype lessons plus I have a trip planned to Quito in June. Muchas gracias!

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