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Our teaching method is based on teaching Spanish as a foreign language. This method  is a  modern communicative approach  adapted to all your needs, considering that Spanish is not your native language. We use a program based on simple and useful levels, students will learn the language by using it in practical situations This method differs from traditional courses which only concentrate on grammar and verb conjugations. Didactive material like flashcards, puzzles  and videos  is a plus in all our lessons.

You will have in your daily lesson the best combination of grammar,reading, listening and speaking. We also include lectures about the Ecuadorian and latin America on each one of the courses and have weekly agenda about cultural events in Quito.


Student with Spanish Teacher in the Terracentro Spanishschool in Quito - Ecuador

Teaching Program

We have an specific program for each course we offer. Regular and intensive courses cover basically the following levels:

  • Basic & Beginners Spanish
  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Advanced Spanish
  • Improve your Skills Course

All teachers plan their day’s classes in advance, The lessons are organized  with time, following daily lesson plans .

If you would like to have complete information of the whole program with each one of the units we can send you a PDF attachment by email.

One-on-One Courses

We believe that the best way to learn a language is through a personalized lesson where you have all the support and constant attention of your teacher. The one on one method is designed to improve the student´s confidence in the language and will address the student´s individual needs and skills he/she particularly needs.

Even though the teacher follows the school program the content can be negotiated between the student and teacher depending on the student´s needs. This gives students an opportunity to work on areas of particular interest or concern.

One of the benefits of this method is to have the opportunity for practical lessons with direct interaction with the teacher who corrects directly your mistakes or pronunciation ,and gives immediate feedback.

one-on-one lessons

We offer One –to- One courses for all kind of levels! You will have written and oral testing on the first day if you have previous knowledge of Spanish!

If you prefer to share your lesson with other students we also offer you that possibility. We provide group lessons using materials and methods especially designed for groups.

Recomendations for learning Spanish in South Ameria

Tips for reading books in a foreign language

Experience of one of our students.
A former student became an Spanish Teacher in the United States.

Video about the School: “Hi, my name is Sofia. I am the director of the Terracentro Spanish School. I would like to invite you to come to Ecuador to learn Spanish and to travel like many people do.
First because the of clear accent of the ecuadorian people. The accent is very easy to understand for foreign people.
Second: because Ecuador is a very beautiful country and it is very easy to travel within the country: we have the Galapagos Islands, the Highlands, the Coast and the Amazon Rainforest.
So we invite to all tourist, volunteers and professionals to come to Ecuador to learn Spanish.”


The Best Location in Quito

Schoolbuilding of the Terracentro

The School is conveniently located in a nice and charm  house full of light and gardens at   a central and residential  neighborhood  close to the Italian embassy. The area is just 05 minutes distance to Av America one of the main avenues in Quito and 10-15 min distance to Mariscal touristic district.

The school neighborhood is private and safe for local and tourists and the school house has a friendly environment, you can also choose to live in the family  homestay located just next to the Spanish Center to be able to practice the language with a local family!


1.- Free maps and cultural information

2. Free wifi conection 24 hours a day

3. Free coffee and tea for all students

4. White boards in all the classrooms

5. Luggage storage

6.- Book lending from School library

7.- Salsa and Taichi lessons connections for all students

8. We rent cellphones for the Students

9.- We celebrate students birthdays

10.- Airport pickup with special rates for all the students

11.- Language Exchange Café each Thursday

12.- South American Explorers Free memberships for new students



Cultural & Tours Information board


In our board you will find all kind of information about weekly cultural events in Quito and tours in Ecuador.

Quito Touristic & Cultural Information Center

Quito Cultural Activities

Quito is a city with a rich cultural life, we have many weekly events.

As a Cultural Center, the School provides all the time free information about local events such as concerts , plays or presentations, opera, dance, film festivals and more. As a student you will receive the support and recommendations to get tickets for instrumental-concerts in the beautifully restored Teatro Sucre and other venues.


Directed by a professional choreographer / dancer with 20 years of experience.

Address: Foch E4-246 y Amazonas.

Salsa Lessons

The school has an agreement with the best School of Salsa and Tropical Rhythms in Quito. Salsa y Merenge Dance School located just two blocks away from Terracentro Spanish School.

Salsa y Merengue School offers lessons in Tropical Rhythms like Salsa Merengue, Cumbia, Bachata, Zamba, Express Courses, Contemporary and Urban Rhythms like Tango, Hip-Hop, Arabian, Capoeira.

As Terracentro school student get 20% of discount by signing up for at least 10 salsa lessons.


Partner Schools in Ecuador


Located 100 steps from the beach, Marazul Spanish school provides a relaxed intimate setting for studying intensive Spanish lessons in private, one-on-one classes or mini groups. Would like to learn to surf, dance salsa, dive, or study yoga? Marazul offers activities to suit every need. Of course, you can just chill out on the beach if you like, taking in the beautiful sun and sea.

Click here: Marazul Spanish School

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The perfect way to learn and practice your Spanish. Take full advantage of this South American paradise to combine Spanish courses at the BAÑOS SPANISH CENTER with adventures, wild nature and local people.

Click Here: Baños Spanish Center

Click in the image: Baños Spanish Center

Our Spanish Courses

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